initiate.collaborate: Design/Health Toolkit

initiate.collaborate: Design/Health Toolkit


What’s included?

  • 1 x physical toolkit (96 playing cards)

  • 2 x project manifesto posters (black & white version)*

  • 1 x project manifesto download link

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*Additional black and white project manifestos can be purchased from the shop.

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Why design/health?

Healthcare needs and desires innovative design solutions, but struggles to imagine a future different from the current state. Designers bring form to ideas that have previously not existed—but ‘the new’ is inherently risky.

Our research has shown that the assumptions and values inherent in design and health remain hidden and unspoken, rising to the surface once work is underway.

Our initiate.collaborate: Design/Health toolkit helps designers, healthcare practitioners and researchers foreground questions relating to some of the challenges and opportunities the Design/Health space offers.

If you are embarking on a design/health collaboration the initiate.collaborate: design/health toolkit has been tailored specifically for this purpose. The initiate.collaborate toolkit is suitable for any individuals or teams who engage in design for health projects, consisting of (but not limited to): healthcare providers and managers, health professionals, policy makers, designers, architects, users of healthcare services, researchers, students, and community organisations.