A new collaborative project can often feel like stepping into the unknown—an ongoing learning curve, a clash of worlds and perspectives, within constraining systems and structures. initiate.collaborate is a card game that is fun and enables responsive and responsible collaborations.


Our toolkits:



initiate.collaborate brings people together to think more critically about what makes for effective collaborations—at the start of a project, not the middle or the end when it’s often too late.

With this toolkit teams will gain new insights into how personal value systems interact with the dominant perspectives within collaborations.


initiate.collaborate: Design/Health

The last decade has witnessed an exponential growth in the number of designers working in healthcare contexts. Whilst design and health have much to offer each other, the potential of design in this area has yet to be fully realised.

If you are embarking on a design/health collaboration the initiate.collaborate: design/health toolkit has been tailored especially for this purpose.